A Natural Curiosity: Mpape Crushed Rock

A Natural Curiosity: Mpape Crushed Rock 

Abuja is graced with some of the most beautiful captivating, albeit scenic  fun spots, naturally designed to draw you in. From the captivating landscape of the famous Zuma rock  to the alluring natural gardens of the millennium park, these spots play host to thousands of visitors annually at this time of the year.  

A  Savanna paradise which plays home to the Mpape Crushed Rock, an abandoned rare quarry site and a beautiful water settlement at the base of the rock. While wondrous beaches and waterfronts exist all over Nigeria, few can compare to this unique quarry site which was opened in 1977, after the decision to relocate the capital of Nigeria to Abuja from Lagos.

During the 1980s the quarry provided much of the stone for the construction of the new city. Located in the Mpape suburban area of the FCT (which means “rock” in the native Gwari language).  But perhaps no place personifies this destination better than Mpape lake. With its astonishing rocky formation, its Paths lead to a high-level grassy plateau and granite cliffs which makes it an attractive hiking location. Visitors enjoy relaxing on the edge of the quarry lake which has become popular for picnics. The place can easily be mistaken for paradise.


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