A Sweet Escape


A Sweet Escape!

If you’re searching for a dose of socially distanced resort for an escapism to end the year, look no further.

Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort, 174 hectares of land, with over 100 luxury rooms nestled amidst  rich palm forest of  vegetation, together with the lush green of a standard world-class 18-hole golf course, makes it the perfect place to unwind beneath wide blue tropical skies this time of year.

There are also many reasons why this resort ticks all the right boxes, from the amazing  array of local and continental cuisine from top chefs to cap up your holiday escape, to the  memorable golfing experience, or even a quiet nature kissed ambiance for your private relaxation; whatever is your fancy,  you will not go wrong with this unforgettable destination.

Pick your passion, and make a booking for your family vacation, BUSINESS – CONFERENCE – LEISURE. 


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