Akwa Ibom at 35

explore akwa Ibom, 35 years in the making.

35 years later, one can say that one of the most valuable gift Akwa Ibom State has to offer to the world  is her culture. This crown jewel is a major attraction most people around the world should indubitably experience. It’s that time of the year when visitors throng into Akwa Ibom, for the bewildering experience of the beautiful places, artifacts and fun-filled activities that truly represents the stories of its people both past and present. Her heritage as a people is very much coloured by the languages, cherished customs and the rich traditional practices from the many tribes of Ibibio, Annang and Oron, a rich culture indeed.

Akwa Ibom, also known as the land of  promise, is truly a melting pot of diverse cultures that have not only brought with them their customs and values but also their renewed faith and beliefs in a peaceful co-existence.

As it is often said, Akwa Ibom AYAYA, which translates to mean- Akwa Ibom the beautiful. discover the beauty of Akwa Ibom from the Ibibio heritage museum in Uyo,  to the 21-storey building Dakkada tower, a vision of the new Uyo commercial city, a stone throw from the ultramodern tropicana shopping mall,  Ibeno beach in Ibeno, the bridge of no return, and the  Ikot Abasi colonial-style mansion both in Ikot Abasi, the bustling Rafia market in Ikot- Ekpene,  and the natural wonders of the  Ukanafun blue river.

Explore the exotic array of delightful cuisine in some of the finest restaurants and eateries, churning such home-feel meals  of Afia afere, Afang Soup, and Ekpang nkukwo. Akwa Ibom offers rich experiences for visitors to Come, Explore, Invest and Enjoy their stay Peacefully. 

Happy anniversary Akwa Ibom State @ 35! 23.09.22


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