Art and Craft of ancient Nigeria

 Art and Craft of ancient Nigeria. 

Adire, tie and dye is a classical art form that has been used for centuries to create beautiful fabric designs common among the people of Egbaland in Ogun state Nigeria. “Adire” stands for “tie and dye” It is a process of binding and dyeing fabric in order to create intricate patterns designed in a dazzling array of tints and hues. This age-old art form is still practised today, with many people enjoying the creative process of creating unique pieces of fabric art. Perhaps more than any art form, textile reflects the culture from which they come and Adire textiles are a viable means through which the rich Yoruba cultural heritage and ideas could be conveyed. From traditional African designs to modern interpretations, Adire, tie and dye can be used to make stunning pieces of clothing and accessories. A professional decorator for Adire is traditionally called “Aladire”. With the right materials such as the traditional “Adire Eleko”  which refers to designs created by application of starch paste together with the use of wet feathers,  this work of art requires about two weeks of production. The Adire is versatile,and a regular feature in most “owambe” , a statement piece  that can be worn to strut the runway, grace the boardroom, as well as relaxing on a beach.

African Drum Festival

The African drum festival is so popular because of the number of African countries that participate in it. The annual April three-day event revolves around the celebration of the beauties of African Drums and is held in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital of Nigeria. It is an opportunity for people from all over the world to come together and experience the beauty of African drumming. In ancient days, Africans deployed drums for communication. Sounds of the drums were the wireless purveyor between senders and receivers of messages in the same pattern the telephone invention has evolved over the years. The drum conveys messages to people from one location to the other through variegated sounds from which the interpretation of intended messages is decoded. It is precisely for the expression of the inimitability of the African Drum that messages transmitted through the medium of its sounds are compelling, but often codified and therefore unfathomable to the uninitiated! The handling of the African Drum in itself requires a depth of artistic competence. The accoutrements of the ‘Talking Drum’ for instance is akin to the encryption that is a dominant element of modern-day ICT. With performances from traditional and contemporary drummers, this festival is sure to bring joy and excitement to everyone who attends. Join us as we explore the vibrant sounds of African drums, discover new music, and celebrate the culture that binds us all together!


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