Banga Rice

A taste of Christmas, christmas rice with  a twist

 Banga Rice

Have You Heard of Banga and rice

Banga and rice is one of the local delicacies consumed majorly by the people of the Niger delta and the south East. CNN travel in 2021 captured banga soup among top 20 of the world’s best soups. So the fame of the banga soup has spread all over Nigeria, Africa and according to CNN travel, the world. As a twist to the usual Chritsmas staple,  find below the recipe.



Palm fruit

Seasoning cubes




Scent leaves

Locust bean


Banga seasoning



Wash and Put the palm fruit in a pot, add water and allow to boil for 30 minutes, this is to make it soft for pounding, then transfer the cooked palm fruit into the mortar and pound with pestle, kindly pound gently to avoid breaking the nut inside the palm fruit, After pounding, transfer the chaff  from the mortar to the bowl  and squeeze out the thick oil juice.

In a separate pot Wash and steam your meat, fish, or any other protein you may want to use for the stew, add your seasoning to give it a tasty taste, and cook the meat for 20 minutes to be tender.

Cook the rice in a separate pot until it’s soft to your requirement.

Cooking instruction

Place the pot  on the heat source and poured the extracted juice oil into the pot, Add your pre-cooked meat,and fish, allow to boil for 10 minutes, add your crayfish, seasoning cubes, pepper, onions, salt, and allow to boil.

Open the pot, and add  your sliced scent leaves as the last, then  remove it from the heat and serve it with any drink of your choice.

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