Castaway in Akwa Ibom

Explore west Africa longest beachfront & surrounding coastal town


With clement sea winds and lovely scenery, these fascinating coastal towns of Ibaka, Oron and Ibeno have beautiful

shorelines that provide bounties of seafood for your choice cuisine. Whether you want to unwind on a white-sand beach or dive into local history and culture, Nsikak Akpan takes you on a fantastic ride around this beautiful destination spot this summer, where the natural world blends with life’s little luxury.


This fishing village occupies the beautiful green shores of the Mbo river on the southeastern Nigerian coastline. A 63 KM one-hour, 22-minute drive from the Victor Attah International Airport. This community will soon be the home to one of the economic gateways of Akwa Ibom and, indeed, the nation, the Ibom Deep Seaport. Designed to open up the waterways for a booming economy, this port can accommodate very large vessels that can load up to 13 thousand containers in one trip. You would love the neighborliness, nature trails, and renowned fishing market at the Inewalker fishing port. 

Visit the Mbo forest game reserve, rich in indigenous plants, wildlife, and trees, whenever you are there for vacation or fishing. If you plan to visit this beautiful place during the rainy season, don’t forget to pack your necessary gear. 


The maritime way of life is rooted in the fiber of the Oron people. Oron is located about one hour four minutes (54.6 km) from the Victor Attah International Airport. This place is home to the prestigious Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN). The ever vibrant and cultural city offers a little of everything from great seafood to museums and markets. A visit to the Oron museum to see most of the artifacts, carvings, and sculptures plays a significant role in telling the rich history of this coastal town. Will endear you totally to this environment.

A must-see is the water garden behind the museum, where you get to catch glimpses of small boats drifting along the creeks.


The coast of this beautiful beach town Kwa Ibo is breathtakingly beautiful regardless of whether it’s raining or glistening during summer vacation. This beach town is the epitome of southern Nigeria charm. A one hour plus drive (65 km) from the Victor Attah International Airport, Ibeno, has the longest white beachfront in West Africa.

This Beach is the fusion of sunshine, sand, and sea during summer, where the Atlantic Ocean shimmers under the blue sky, giving a clear view of the Gulf of Guinea during the day.

A peaceful waterfront town with rich history, dating back to 1200-1500 BC, when the natives first settled here, making this exotic destination their home. The historic landing site of Qua Iboe Christian Missions from Scotland during the early 20th century is worth visiting.

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