One of the most beautiful things about our prized destinations is their wonderful cuisine.

Whenever you are in Coal City,  try these special meals, thank us later.

Enjoying the local food and cuisines of your host is something every visitor should endeavor to try. Countries, states and cities are often known for varied delicacies; Enugu is not an exemption. The people of Enugu are known for their variety of traditional foods exclusive to them. For travelers and tourists who intend to visit Enugu, best believe when we say that your travel is only half complete without having a go at these delicacies. Below are seven popular Enugu foods to try.


Okpa, also referred to as a king’s meal or a lion’s food, is a popular Igbo (Eastern Nigeria) dish that originated from Enugu. Okpa is made from Bambara flour from Bambara nut. Okpa is very easy to prepare as few ingredients are required and it takes just about 45 to 50 minutes to cook. Okpa which is mostly wrapped in banana leaves or thin white nylon bags can be bought anywhere in Enugu as vendors sell them in virtually all the joints, parks and streets in the State. Okpa can best be eaten with a bottle of soft drink, pap, soaked garri or tea. 

  1. Abacha

Abacha, also referred to as African salad, is a traditional Igbo meal. Abacha which originated from Enugu is made from cassava. Abacha can be served as an appetizer or the main meal. It is mostly used to welcome visitor(s) before serving the main meal. It can be prepared in a variety of ways depending on the community or the home you visit. Abacha is always on the menu of most events in Enugu. It is best served with fresh palm wine.


Nkwobi is a much-loved delicacy in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is popular among the people of Enugu. Nkwobi comes in different cooking methodologies as it can be prepared with cow meat, goat meat, stockfish or even chicken. The most popular of all nkwobi is Isi ewu, (goat head), cow tail nkwobi, cow leg nkwobi or kpomo nkwobiNkwobi can be found virtually in every bar in Enugu. People mostly don’t prepare Nkwobi at home because it takes a lot of time so they prefer buying from restaurants and local joints that cook in large quantities. Nkwobi is best enjoyed with palm wine, beer or any other drink.

Agbugbu is a favorite dish for most locals in Enugu and most visitors tend to fall in love with this meal at first taste. It is a porridge made with yam and a kind of bean- Pigeon peas, a tropical and subtropical perennial legume-that belongs to the family of Fabaceae. The meal is easy to prepare. All you have to do is cook the pigeon peas until they are soft, then gently mash and boil together with the yam and a little bit of water until the yam is cooked. It is usually accompanied by palm oil, onions and pepper sauce.

Achicha is one of the local foods prepared by the Enugu people. Achicha(Mashed cocoyam),  is made of dry cocoyam and can be prepared with fresh akidi or fio fio (pigeon peas). Achicha can also be prepared alone with just scent leaf. Achicha is loved by both residents and visitors of Enugu. It is mostly prepared by the people of Awgu, Nsukka and Ezeagu parts of the State.

Akidi is a small tiny bean seed that looks reddish or blackish. Akidi, one of the legumes known for its high protein content, is one of the local foods of Enugu people. Akidi can be prepared alone with Ugba and also with yam, or abacha.

Ukwa is one of the popular foods eaten in Enugu. It is made from fresh breadfruit. The seeds are shelled, washed and cooked with crystal soda (akanwu) and water till it is soft enough for consumption. Ukwa can also be cooked with rice.

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