Garden Party

Garden party

Hanging egg chairs and home bars are some of the ways to give your garden a fun facelift this season. We have experienced the rainy season gradually coming to an end, which has signalled the start of a long dry holiday season.

Setting up a space for outdoor entertainment is a good decision one should make during this period. The next step is choosing an outdoor furniture set, that is comfortable and matches your needs, lounge areas, al fresco dining settings, sun lounges, and lazy bags are some available options.  Even the youngsters on TikTok and other social media platforms are keen to get in on the garden party and have started to think about how the garden will play host this holiday.

Your outdoor area should feel like an extension of the indoor living space. Therefore, you should keep the style cohesive. The outdoor sofa should match the style of the one in the living room to make the outdoor area feel more connected.

Another essential thing to consider is to allow circulation between the furniture. An awkward layout can be challenging to navigate and can disrupt movement around the house

To make your outdoor area more pleasant and inviting, feel free to style it. You can match the decor to your interior and create a seamless transition to the outdoor entertainment space. Choose wood or rattan furniture to bring the relaxed Boho vibe, or go for metal framed furniture with a streamlined design for modern styles. To add personality, enhance the furniture with throw pillows. Also, feel free to round up your seating area with a cosy rug.

Here are some amazing ideas on how to give your garden and backyard some facelift this holiday season.

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