Hotel Managers’ Conference 2021 Ends In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Hotel Managers’ Conference 2021 Ends In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

 This Conference for 2021 with the theme “Sales, Service and Standard”, organized by Lagos based hospitality firm; Tojum Hospitality Ltd, attracted participants from some states in Nigeria while others from Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, UK, Ethiopia, and United States joined through zoom.

 This edition of the Hotel Managers’ Conference has ended in Rosmohr Gold Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State Capital, held from July 15th to 16th, 2021.

 Delivering his keynote address at the Conference, Lead Consultant, Tojum Hospitality Ltd and Convener of the Conference Mr Olugbenga Sunday said the training was the third edition in the series of capacity building discourse for hotel managers.

 Speaking further on the need for training towards bridging the gap between International Hospitality brands and local brands both in administrative and general operations standards in the hospitality industry; adding that the Conference was a platform where Hotel Managers, owners, Managing Directors, consultants, General Managers and heads of department interface with hospitality experts of International relevance and draw knowledge for professional exploit.

 “You took time to be here. I know how busy your schedule especially the General Managers in our midst. Creating time to attend a conference of this nature is a wise, profitable decision, he said.

 Mr Olugbenga noted that the theme of the Conference, “Sales, Service and Standard”, was the anchor point where everything about hospitality rests and charged participants to uphold them in their operations.

 “Leadership of any hospitality brand must understand how these three interrelate and affect each other. You can’t have the assurance of sustainable sales without looking at the hotel service culture and, of course, the standard operating procedures. “

 “Every Hotel Manager who is diligent enough to uphold excellent customer service and ensure the standard of the hotel meets the minimum acceptable standard is sure of good sales output.”

 To bring hospitality to the fore, the convener assembled resource persons in the hospitality sector from academia, experienced hoteliers and consultants who have worked for the Economic Community of West African States [ECOWAS], among others.

 The resource persons include; hospitality experts and Honorary chairperson, Institute of Hospitality, UK branch Prof. Wasiu A Babalola, Lead Speaker, the National President, Women in Hospitality, Nigeria Mrs Justina Ovat and the 2020 best Hotelier Award winner and Country Manager, International Hospitality Institute Mr Brian Efa and other speakers with good experience in hospitality.

 Other speakers include Lucky Onoriode George, the Executive Director, African Travel Commission, Accra, Ghana; Babatunde Yeye, General Manager and Head of Operations Izzi Hotels West Africa;

 Mr Ini Akpabio, chairperson Akwa Ibom State Hotels and Tourism Board Mr Orman Esin, Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism represented by Mr Tony Isonguyo. Charged participants to address basic tenets of Hotel sales as it’s key to ensuring efficient management.

 Esin said, “the Conference would serve as a medium to collect feedback for the development and improvement of Hotels to eliminate substandard service delivery and unprofessionalism in the sector”.

 Akpabio, former Chairman of Nanet Hotels, “regretted that some investors in the Hotel business have claimed to be more knowledgeable in hospitality instead of recruiting professionals to run their facilities”.

 For that you invest in a hotel, business does not qualify you as a professional. Therefore, both the investors and managers need some certification to perform in line with international standards and best practices obtainable in the hospitality industry.”

 According to him, “a guideline will be given out to the hotel manager as operations manual in the state to qualify Akwa Ibom as a destination point for tourists,” He said, The Convener, Olugbenga Sunday, disclosed during the Conference that his company, Tojum Hospitality, specializes in setting up new hotels, restaurants, lounges, recreation centres. Branding, Recruitment & Training of Staff, setting up operational structure & business development is their core mandate. 

 Lagos State will host the fourth edition; he declared as the Conference ended. 


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