Idere Hill

Idere is a quiet town in Oyo state which is very rich in tourism. It has many historical and cultural features, the greatest of which is the IDERE HILLS.
It is situated in Idere town, Ibarapa Central Local Government Oyo State. It was once a settlement with the advantage of protection from intruders, especially during wars, as there were only a few entry points to the town on the rock. Two kings (obas) reigned there before the indigenes relocated the town to the foot of the hill and other places called Idere today.
Idere Hills was recently commissioned as a tourist site in Oyo State in 2020. Here are some sites on Idere hill, and their historical significance:
Aroye hill- meaning ‘we can see and understand’. This three-layered rock formation was a security post in ancient times.
Iyara – Iyara means room in the Yoruba language. It is the real main gate to the town on the hills proper.
Eeyore Pool- is the natural water pool on Idere hills. With a storage capacity of approximately over 12,000 litres, the water is majorly for household and agricultural purposes.
Olorogun Meji – two small hollows on the rock, believed to have been formed by two rival wives who turned into these ‘potholes’ after a quarrel .
Odi Ilu – also known as a defence wall, it is one of the major relics on Idere hills.
Kosomonu – this is one of the highest points on Idere hills. From here, the whole township can be viewed. Kosomonu means, ‘cannot lose a child’.
Iso Eleko Idere – This is said to be the spot at which the famed Eleko Idere of Irosun meji in IFA panegyrics sold her pap on Idere hills.
Isoku-Iruku – This place is an important point for the burial rites of princes and princesses.
Ape tree – one of the oldest trees within the township. It is estimated to be over 300 years.

Idopa – This is the point where chiefs, baales and lesser obas who come visiting the king, submit their walking sticks and staff.
Aafin (Palace) – Historically, these two caves served as both abode and office for the kings (oba) who once jointly ruled the town on the hill.
Iho Eja/Omi Eja – this is a hole on the rock to the right side of Iyara that looks like a fish indentation in the rock.
Oja – the market was an open space where people brought their wares – farm produce, food products etc.
Atapa water spring – this actually springs at Atapa hill on the Idere hills. It never dries, and hitherto served as drinkable water for the whole community.
Thousands of Tourists visit Idere Community to explore this tourist site. It also has other sites of interest with historical antecedents, archaeological materials, caves and rock clefts.

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