Man’s furry friends

Man’s furry friends

When you ask any owner why they love canines so much, they will likely mention the fact that dogs are so loyal.

They are always there for us, and many will do absolutely anything for their owner, even try to save them or get help in an emergency.

Their loyalty knows no bounds. Why are dogs so loyal? One of the reasons is, they learned it over the centuries in their role as our companions.

They have come to expect loyalty as being part of their job description.

Another reason is because of the bond that humans have built with our doggy friends over time, whether they’re a pedigree show dog, a hound, or a mongrel rescue dog that’s had a rough start – we love our dogs unconditionally. And they in turn reciprocate the love. 

It’s also hard to ignore the fact that dogs will reward us with their loyalty if we give them positive reinforcement like food, walkies and plenty of love.

Have you ever noticed how dogs will usually be more loyal and obedient towards whichever family member feeds them? This is no coincidence.

Another core reason why pups and pooches are loyal is that it’s built into them.

Dogs, like wolves, are pack animals. If you look at wolves in the wild, they’re extremely loyal to their pack and will protect and support them no matter the cost.

This is a part of what makes them such expert survival specialists – working together.

Well, domesticated dogs may have come to see us as their pack in a way, and they protect and support their pack members.

Studies have also shown that dogs can feel emotions and experience emotional contagion. The fact that they grow to adore their owners only further contributes to their devotion and loyalty. 

So now that we’ve covered a brief history of dogs and how they potentially came to be at our side, let’s delve into what makes them so amazing and why today’s owners see their pups as their best buds.

Here are a few reasons why dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend:

  1. Dogs are a great company

First and foremost, dogs are great company. Even when you’re feeling lonely and down, they’re there, staring back at you with those puppy dog eyes.

When you have a dog, you get used to having them around all the time for company, and your house feels empty without them.

They’re quite simply good to have around.

2. They are always excited to see us

It’s the best feeling when you come home after a hard day, and there’s a big waggy tail there to greet you.

Every time we return home, dogs show their love by jumping for joy. You can tell you’ve got a special connection when you go away for a few days and your dog is over the moon when you come back.

3. They will do anything for us

Dogs will do incredible things for their family (or pack).

They’ve been known to rescue their owners from all sorts of sticky situations and put themselves in danger just to lend a hand (or paw).

Part of the reason our bond with them is rock solid is that we know that when it comes down to it, they would do anything to protect us.

4. They love us unconditionally

Dogs aren’t as complicated as humans. Once they love us, it’s forever. They love without judgement or pressure.

They are just there, always, wagging their tail showing us just how much we mean to them.

And for us humans, to be loved by an animal no matter what mistakes we make or how we act is so special. Your dog doesn’t care if you lose your job or do something you regret, they just carry on loving you.

5. They have incredible skills and talent

Humans have bred dogs to do different jobs. Different breeds have different skill sets, from Collies herding sheep to Labradors guiding the blind to today’s medical detection dogs.

Who knew when we first made friends with wild dogs that eventually they’d be detecting medical conditions like seizures and cancer?

The range of skills dogs have is quite extraordinary and yet another reason why we value them so much.

6. They protect us

Whilst some dogs may have been used to help protect livestock, over time humans have come to recognize their ability to keep us safe, too. Many people have a dog for protection as well as company. 

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