Ofada Rice And Stew A Recipe for Christmas

 Ofada Rice And Stew A Recipe for Christmas

Ofada rice is an unpolished local rice that has a light brown colour. Although this rice is not as classic as other purified rice, it is not just the best for preparing this meal, but it is also considered healthier than most rice . The rice is consumed alongside the spicy ofada stew. This meal has its origin from the western part of Nigeria. 

To prepare this, follow the instructions below.


Ofada rice, meat, fish, crayfish, onion, palm oil, locust bean, green pepper, tatashe and lots of red pepper.


Step 1: Put the ofada rice in a tray and sieve out the unwanted particles, put in a bowl and wash thoroughly before parboiling. After parboiling, wash the rice, add salt and cook with clean water until it becomes soft. Bring it down from the fire and set aside.

Step 2: Wash and remove the seeds from the tatashe and green pepper then blend the pepper and onion together. Pour them into a dry pot and cook on high heat till the water dries up. Pound your crayfish and the locust bean and set them aside.

Step 3: Wash your meat and fish thoroughly with salt, and parboil with Maggi, add enough water and cook until they become soft. Next, pour palm oil into a clean dry pot and bleach until it looks like vegetable oil, allow it to cool a bit then add your boiled pepper puree and fry until all the water dries up. Add your locust bean, crayfish, salt and meat. Stir very well and allow it to cook for a few minutes, bring it down from the fire and serve with your ofada rice and fried plantain.


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