On Y Va À Port Harcourt

On Y Va À Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt, popularly called PH by locals, is Nigeria’s fifth-largest city. It lies along the Bonny River in the Niger Delta. Its booming industrial activities, the influx of tourists, down-to-Earth serenity and vibrant nightlife scene make it one of Nigeria’s most exciting cities. 

Do you want to tour Port Harcourt? Here’s a quick rundown of where to go.

Port Harcourt Tourists Beach: is a great place to start with. Play in the cold water and listen to local sounds of highlife and modern music from any bush bars on the beach. Relish the local delicacies of palm wine or salty, spicy meats, local dishes. Play beach football, beach volleyball, watch boat races or dive into the water. 

Bonny Island: Head off to this fantastic spot on a speedboat and relax in the fun that this idyllic island offers. 

Port Harcourt Zoo is an excellent spot to spy on exotic wildlife species. Watch them feed and explore their habitat.

Port Harcourt City Mall has something for everyone. The malls, shopping complex, theater, and various food courts will attend to your shopping and food needs.

Mile One Street Market: A visit to this bustling and famous market will introduce you to the commercial side of Port Harcourt. It is the home for traditional African wear of all fashion. The market opens as early as 6 am and closes late in the night. Buy an item or two before leaving.

Isaac Boro Park: Serenade yourself in peace and tranquility at The park, which has a garden with seats and trees overhang outside to supplant the furiousness of the sun. While visiting this resort, bring along mats, a camera, a companion and a good book; the ambience is perfect.

Exploring Port Harcourt with kids? Give them a taste of unlimited fun at the Pleasure Park, a giant children playground equipped with various exercise machines, straightforward walkers, back rubs machines, curved coaches, a parking lot, a running track restaurant, and a climbing tower.

A trip to PH would be incomplete without trying the famous Bole and fish cuisine, a traditional Rivers dinner consisting of roast plantain and fish Slathered in the most exquisite pepper and palm oil sauce. Almost every street corner, you can see indigenous women roasting this dish over hot charcoal. 

Port HarcourtGolf Club: Are you a golf lover? Play your hearts out at the 18-hole golf course with excellent facilities that will indulge you even if you do not play golf, as facilities such as a table tennis hall, a bar, clubhouse, a swimming pool, football pitch, a lounge area, cafè and a gym are available.

Port Harcourt is a lovely place to be. On-Y-Va aPort Harcourt simply means come to port Harcourt.


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