By Iniobong Umoh

Port Harcourt is a fantastic city. Pitakwa, another name given to her by residents in the local pidgin English parlance, is the second-largest city in south-south Nigeria. It lies along the Bonny River in the Niger Delta. Commonly abbreviated as PH, Port Harcourt, a town of sandy beaches, windy creeks and rivers, is the capital of Rivers State and Nigeria’s oil industry nerve centre. 

This bustling town is also referred to as the Garden City because of its rich greenery. The ornamental trees on every street and by the pavements give the city a garden-like look.

Port Harcourt has many faces: There is the administrative, the industrial, the food and hospitality, the religious, the fun look, etc. You can make it can be whatever you plan want.

As the de facto capital of the Niger Delta, comprising different ethnic groups of Ijaw, Itshekiri, Isoko, Urhobos, Ibibios, Efiks, Oros, etc., Port Harcourt is steeped in the oil politics of Nigeria and politics of resource control. Resource control is a term that became popular some decade ago when the region started an agitation for greater control of Nigeria’s oil resources. 


 On a typical day in Port Harcourt, men wearing the Resource Control hat decked in casuals and dinner wear. This hat is tall, circular and distinctly round. The resource control cap is now widely worn in the region and even by Nigerians, not from the Niger Delta. In Port Harcourt, ensure you get a resource Control hat to complement your outfit and create a distinct image for yourself.

With its many hotels, resorts, and booming nightlife, Port Harcourt is an ideal location for relaxation, a better way to relax with delicious food-Yes, Bole and fish!

Bole and fish are synonymous with Port Harcourt. For food lovers, Port Harcourt is the capital of Bole. Bole refers to the roast plantains and the fish, which is usually mackerel. This delightsome meal is very affordable.

A stroll or drive around Port Harcourt would reveal colourful umbrellas shielding Ankara-clad women engulfed in the spicy scent of smoked fish and sweet palm oil on each street on each street. Seeing an attractive difference of the white flesh against the blackened mackerel surface and the vibrant red pepper sauce perfectly binds together with just enough heat and spice to make your taste buds go wild!

The bole seller is King. You have to wait patiently for few minutes for your expectations. When the Bole is finally delivered to you encased in a newspaper wrapping and nylon bag for added safekeeping, you then take time to enjoy the richness and fullness of this trendy roadside meal with a chilled bottle of your favourite drink.

Port Harcourt has something in store for all of us, and the city has just called out to us with some exciting news! Are you curious to find out? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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