The Range Rover Autobiography is one of the leading and most luxurious SUVs.
At its conception in the 1970s, it was originally made for getting work done around the farm. But over the years, the Range Rover Autobiography has evolved from a mere farm tool to become one of the most sophisticated luxury SUVs for the elites.

The 2021 model of this baby is the most luxurious Range Rover Autobiography ever produced. There is nothing much to say about the exterior except that it carries the Range Rover unique design and is fitted with extraordinarily stylish lighting in both front and back.
Anytime you want to talk about a luxurious car, it means the interior is exquisitely magnificent; and the Range Rover Autobiography does not fail this test.

Inside the 2021 Autobiography, you will find beautiful leather-covered seats, fully fitted with heat massage functions and controlled by powered buttons.

It comes with heated leather steering wheel, and wood-veneer trim, metal armrests adjustment knobs, satin-brushed metal cup holders, and a bottle cooler that comes in top-of-the-line Autobiography models.
The Autobiography infotainment system starts from the main screen that tilts out from the dashboard, the second screen, mounted on the dashboard provides access to the vehicle’s settings, climate controls and driving modes. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability are both standard in the Autobiography.

The 2021 Autobiography is powered by a turbo-charged in-line six that is assisted by a small electric motor for mild hybrid set-up. It is a supercharged V8 engine with a selectable all-wheel drive system and an eight speed automatic transmission. With a glorious sound, it delivers a quick acceleration.
The 2021 Range Rover Autobiography can be yours for a starting price of $93,350.

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