Hence, here are some tips on classy and stunningly style that will aid you to dress simple, but look stunningly classy in the game of fashion.

Birth from the scratch

If you want to dress in a stylish and classy manner, you need to start from the beginning. That does not mean you should relinquish everything in your closet. However, have it in mind that you are likely to dispose of some clothes in your current wardrobe to create space for more suitable outfits.

Build a concrete toggery base

Rebuilding your toggery starts with a strong base. You need to collect versatile high-quality apparels that match almost everything and also fits perfectly into your budget to avoid excessive spending.

Keep it facile

Yes! Keep it simple. Because you want to be trendy does not mean you should be excessive. You do not need to do so much to look great, just feel comfortable. A simple style is the best for a trendy fashionista.

Fit is prime

This is like a golden rule in fashion. Getting the right fit for your style is a priority. Ensure that your clothes fit perfectly into your body shape because dressing well is always about the right fit.

Trim your wardrobe

This is a necessity because owning a busy and bulging closet offers no advantage. You should keep your closet trimmed. Never fill your wardrobe with lots of clothes thinking it will offer you a nice variety. You do not need so much to be fashionable and classy. Note: You should dock your closet from time to time for worn-out items that no longer fit into a trend.

Layer up

Knowing how to layer clothes up will give you the ultimate use of everything in your closet and help create a more interesting outfit. For instance; you can layer up a patterned blouse with a plain skirt or a collared shirt with a crew neck pullover and a trench coat to look cool. A penchant for layering allows you to play around with your clothes and be creative too.

Create your own style

The fads that are showcased at events like the fashion and runway shows may never fit into your everyday dress sense. Therefore, developing your style is vastly important. Once you figure out what image you want to portray, you can start adding trends that will work with that image.


Great style comes with the great responsibility of looking effortlessly fashionable. A classy person should not spend forever in orchestrating his outfit in front of the mirror. Looking like you just grabbed a few quality clothes from your toggery may be more effective but that doesn’t mean you should look botherless. You still want to look like you know what you are doing.


When developing your sense of style, try to open your choice to new clothing/style and be comfortable trying things you would never have thought of wearing. You would be amazed at how dapper you could look in the things you previously thought weren’t suitable. Trying everything out will teach you more about your personal style than all the styles and fashion blogs combined.

Thus, in the game of fashion, everyone wants to be a winner but this can only be achieved when we understand what fits more than what trends more. So, slay the world of style and trends with the above-listed tips as they would help you on the path to being effortlessly fashionable, even on a slim budget.

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