A visit to the Usaka Jungle Park. With wildlife in their natural habitat, including monkeys and snakes. There is also a pastoral vista with a range of forested hills.

An awe-inspiring river. With fast currents running through it. Indeed, Usaka Forest consists of varieties of rivers, flora and fauna. Together they offer visitors great hill views, bird watching opportunities, bush walks, swimming amid other Adventure and leisure.


All around, you could hear birds singing and see monkeys swinging from tree to tree. Lush greenery greets the eyes everywhere at every turn. The scenery makes it a perfect outdoor paradise for eco-tourists and other nature lovers.

Usaka offers her visitors breathtaking landscapes and photo opportunities.


Interestingly, the jungle has a nice-sounding name, and it is as exotic as it comes. At first encounter, you may mistake the name Usaka for the Japanese city, Osaka. As the name keeps many people guessing, they are pleasantly surprised when the location. 


But, where is Usaka? Could you wait for it? 

Usaka is proudly a Nigerian location in the heartland of Akwa Ibom State. 

Where exactly…?

Usaka Jungle Park in Obot Akara Local Government Area. Made up of 28 autonomous communities with about 140,000 people. Besides, the area is rich in biodiversity.


Economically, the people are engaged in farming activities such as palm produce, cassava, yam and livestock. Another prevalent occupation is arts and craft, notable among which is raffia work and woodcarving.      

As it is notable among Akwa Ibom women, the women of Obot Akara are good cooks while their men are reputed to be great warriors from time immemorial. Stories still abound of their historical and mythical antecedents.


The idea behind this nature reserve is to maintain an appealing ecosystem with many socio-economic benefits, including tourism. The most prominent tourist activity in Usaka is the back-to-back reality television show tagged “Gulder” Ultimate Search.”

The Usaka Jungle Park is relatively safe and has a rich mix of culture, Adventure, and idyllic countryside that is hard to beat. It is a natural jungle haven that inspires the adventurous spirit in you.


What else can I say? Many foreigners have come to know Obot Akara thanks to Usaka Jungle Park.


Usaka Jungle Park. The Adventure begins here!     

#Travel Alert : 

Usaka Jungle in Obot Akara Local Government Area lies at a latitude of 5.2899 and longitude of 7.54229 with 152 meters above sea level. A 1 hour 36 minutes (90 KM) drive from Victor Atah International Airport Uyo Akwa Ibom State.


ABOVE: Inner space of the Usaka jungle park

#Tourism: To visit Usaka Jungle with a tourist guide in groups or private tours, contact Fulcrum inflight Magazine.

#Fun Fact: Did you know this location hosted the 2012 and 2013 Gulder Ultimate Search?


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