As a student, the word vacation usually means going home to family and eating well for weeks before returning to school. It shouldn’t be all the time; like they say, it’s essential to let the school pass through you just as much as you pass through it. You’ve spent a few semesters studying and working hard, and you truly deserve a break; here are some small ideas to get you in the vacation mood without breaking the bank.

Go to the beach – I don’t mean for you to go to the beach for a day and go back home; there are quite a lot of beach resorts and beach houses scattered around, especially in Lagos, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Get a couple of friends, rent one for a few days, and you’ve successfully had a staycation. Some places include La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Epe Resort and Spa, Jara Beach Resort, to name a few.

Road trips are most definitely an excellent way to combine vacationing with adventures; Nigeria has an extraordinary amount of beauty waiting to be seen and experienced. Rent a vehicle for a few days and road trip your way around all the beautiful places Nigeria has to offer. A few places you can visit include Yankari Game Reserve, Oshogbo (forests, shrines and art exhibits), Ife (sculptures, arts and artifacts museum), Okomu National park, Cross River National Park. To name a few.

Make sure you and your friends know where you’re going and whom you plan to meet there. You research all your assignments so make sure to research everything you’ll need for your vacation.

 Lastly, being a student makes you vulnerable to specific situations, so never travel alone. Make sure someone understands where you will be going and when you plan to return, and be very alert. Being prepared before you leave and following basic safety rules will allow you to enjoy your vacation and have some fun.



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